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The Cause

About the Charities we are Supporting in 2018

Founded in 1974, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley has made a commitment to the young people in the Langley area that we will be leaders in providing them with the highest quality, volunteer based mentoring programs. Everyday we help young people achieve their full potential by offering a wide range of mentorship programs to meet the varied needs of our volunteers, children and families. Our programs are preventative in nature and strive to support vulnerable families and change the trajectory of young lives by providing youth with a role model and a friend to talk to. The focus is on building positive, supporting relationships founded on trust and respect. With the help of over 250 volunteers we will serve over 400 children in the Langley community this year.

In Previous Years we also supported


The Gateway of Hope is a ministry of The Salvation Army in Canada. Serving the City and Township of Langley since 2009, our mission is to help the homeless and those at risk with material assistance and other crucial supports, in order to help them find hope and move forward. We bring a dignified, person centered, and holistic approach to our work, meeting every individual with respect and without judgement or discrimination.